Pierlo & Raiders of the Lost ARP - "Meteo 7" from Programma1 https://ift.tt/2EJia6r Video credits: Büromaschinen After a 5 year...

Pierlo & Raiders of the Lost ARP - “Meteo 7” from Programma1 https://ift.tt/2EJia6r Video credits: Büromaschinen After a 5 year long musical hiatus, Pierlo is finally back with 2 brand new mini EPs: Programma1 and Programma2. Since his last release (“Can’t Unfeel the Rhythm EP (Commerciale ‘94 Megamix)” published on Upitup in 2012), Pierlo was gone missing. Lost, wandering across the vastity of the european planes, through the Alps to the nordic sea and finally alit the mainland on a pre-brexit United Kingdom. Silent for years but still inspired by the lost glories of the Ivrean visionaries, this miniature set of condensed narrations recounted as small stories of futures lost in distant memories has finally come to light. Absorbed in his recollection of 16-color palettes and 128KB implants, pioneering grandeurs of plastic-injection beige boxes and flatbed SCSI cables, the two albums form yet another subtle, respectful hommage to the dreams of the vanished avant-garde industrial revolutionary Olivetti. Programma1 features a collaboration with Distant Future fellow member Raiders of the Lost ARP: “Meteo7” is a lush electro affair split between dreamy melancholic pads and an elastic swing modular synth bass. Pierlo is a member of the Distant Future Association https://ift.tt/2ms6nMJ

Distant Future is an artist collective focused on exploiting the power of narrative and escapism, beyond any specific genre, medium or technique. Currently spread across Europe (Italy, Switzerland, UK, Sweden), Distant Future members collaborate using different artistic languages to pursue their collective goal.

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